Can computers have ‘conversations’ with humans?

Siri might have changed people’s perception of what AI-based automated assistants can do, but setting reminders or finding out about the weather only scratches the surface of artificially intelligent applications.

Digital assistants now go far beyond superficial interaction. For enterprises they can be your top service agent, best sales person, favourite market researcher, the technician that never loses their patience no matter how often they explain the same thing to the same person. To the consumer they are the guardian to in-home automation, the helpful in-car passenger, the friend that knows you’ve had a bad day and orders your favourite take-out.

This presentation by AI-specialist Artificial Solutions, takes you on a journey through different industries, devices and services to demonstrate the many varied ways that the global companies are already using conversational voice technology.

Andy is responsible for the strategic positioning of Artificial Solutions in the wider natural language and AI marketplace. With over 25 years experience in managing marketing operations for sector-leading software and services companies in the UK, Europe and US, he excels in creating effective campaigns that help to accelerate the growth of the business.  Andy established his career with engineering software specialist PAFEC and went on to hold executive marketing management roles at software companies including ACT, Kalamazoo and Magic Software. He was CMO at London Stock Exchange-listed Mediasurface, where he was part of the executive management team that led various successful acquisitions and the subsequent sale of the company to Alterian. He went on to oversee marketing operations at Alterian as VP Marketing and joined the senior management team of Artificial Solutions in 2010. 

A regular speaker at industry conferences and events, Andy delivers insight on the rise of AI, the challenges businesses face and the future of the natural language, conversational UI.