Virtual humans: The future role of AI-driven chatbots across your organisations

Our understanding of what artificial intelligence is and can achieve is at risk of being devalued by marketing hype that wantonly attaches the AI moniker to almost any ‘merely clever’ system.  David purports that AI at its finest and most advanced tries to simulate human sentience and interaction with absolute conviction.  His presentation clarifies how far AI has advanced towards that goal and how much further it really has to go.  He’ll open our eyes to how a new generation of human-like chatbots are poised to take increasingly powerful roles in organisations – from the purveyors of teaching, to virtual mentors and the keepers of corporate memory.

  • From  smart algorithms to virtual  humans – enriching computational power with profoundly human characteristics
  • The infinite teacher – how chatbots will transform company training and mentoring programmes
  • The keeper of memory – the chatbots that will help organisations maintain and share composite memories and meaningful histories
  • Virtual me – the advantages, ethics and dilemmas of creating virtual employees that could live forever and work non-stop

David has been involved in AI, virtual reality and immersive environments since the 1990s. He set up Daden in 2004 to help organisations explore and exploit the social and commercial potential of chatbots, AI and virtual environments. David has led collaborative research projects funded by InnovateUK and the MOD, and Daden has run two successful “covert Turing Test” studies – one with a 100% pass rate. David has authored over a dozen papers on virtual worlds and AI, and is currently writing a book on virtual humans.