Brave new world? It’s your call

Proponents of AI say it heralds the arrival of a brave new world in which the way we live, work and do business can be redefined for the good. They’re right, but only if those of us determining the use of AI take a purposeful and responsible approach.  Rob provides validated insights into AI’s potential to improve the global economy through productivity and consumption gains, and considers how these global impacts will be felt across different geographies and industry sectors.  Turning to more individual matters, he considers how AI will affect the workforce through the augmentation and automation of jobs. His assessment of the risks, opportunities and potential impact of AI will send us all home with a better understanding of our own potential to define the future.

Rob is an evangelist for responsible technology and promotes awareness of the growing ethical agenda for AI.  He is an Advisory Board member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI, an advisor to the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems, and a TEDx speaker.  He is particularly focused on issues and policies relating to the impact of automation on the workforce, the future skills agenda, and ensuring that the benefits to be delivered by AI are equitably spread across society.