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AI & Robotics Events

Our year-round programme of events is your finger on the pulse of a new business world powered by AI. An extended series of Directors’ Forums supports the annual AI & Robotics Main Event, the apex of our London-based programme.

The next AI & Robotics Main Event takes place on 12 October in London and is co-located with our new Customer Experience Technology event CXtech. The events will bring together some of the world’s leading  experts and practitioners of AI and CX.

Co-located with 

Third Annual AI & Robotics The Main Event, 12 October, London

AI & Robotics: The Main Event is relied upon by business leaders keen to investigate and test the transformational potential of AI & robotic technologies. By combining an interactive conference with a hands-on solutions showcase we dive deep into AI & robotic’s power to accelerate business performance, profitability and workforce efficiency. The Main Event brings together leaders from across industry, the scientific community and builders of human capital to reveal how AI is transforming businesses and disrupting industries. No other event shares our three-fold focus:


Early adopters share how they’re securing efficiency gains, transforming business models, disrupting sectors and bringing AI enabled products and services to market.


We investigate the latest developments and their potential to accelerate innovation, augment human intelligence and advance business competitiveness.


Business psychologists and HR specialists discuss the power of AI to enhance human potential and productivity

Conference – Not just the talk...

We have a reputation for creating events that break the mould; that bring industry leaders together and give them direct access to experts, innovators and early adopters with opinions that matter and experience that’s proven.

Conference Agenda Summary to date

09:15 Chairs Welcome Anton Fishman, AIR Chair and Mike Havard, CXtech Chair 

09:30 – 11:00 Plenary Debate: Defining Our Future

AI technologies are re-shaping our future. It’s up to us to determine whether they enhance our lives or diminish them. The opening plenary for AI & Robotics and CXtech conferences start with three of the world’s most respected minds in AI, business change and technology/human interaction will come together to put the case for a positive AI-enabled future. They’ll consider how AI could impact the business operations, world economies and human life for good or ill and, eschewing doom laden prophecies and idealised dreams, investigate what we can do to ensure technology remains humanity’s life enhancing servant – not its master. The Defining Our Future Debate will be moderated by change management specialist Anton Fishman and customer management expert, Mike Havard. It will kick-start two high-octane technology focused business conferences

AI and big business: When will UK business get real about AI?
Daniel Hulme , CEO of Satalia and Director of Business Analytics MSc at University College London, more…

AI and the human experience: Will humans be superseded by the technologies they’ve created?
Dr Chris Brauer , Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths University and Founder of the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies, more…

AI and economic survival: Can our current world order survive AI’s twin singularities? 
Calum Chace, Futurologist, journalist and best-selling author, more…

11:00 Coffee and Solutions Showcase

11:30 – 13:00 AI Keynotes:

Amazon Case Study: Robot fulfilment. How robotics and AI are transforming logistics and customer experience for the world’s biggest online retailer
Stefano Perego, Director of UK Customer Fulfilment, Amazon, more…

UK plc to lead the world? How to leverage our nation’s AI potential
Sue Daley, Head of Data Analytics and AI, techUK, more…

Debate: The little matter of right and wrong. Will an ethical framework limit AI’s potential or make sure it’s fit to fly? Panellist:
Prof Nigel Crook, Associate Dean: Research and Knowledge Exchange Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment, Oxford Brookes, University, more..
Other panellists to be announced  

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch & Solutions Showcase

14:00 AI Insights, Case Studies & Panel Debates:

Building a smart world: Realising the potential of digital assets
Miranda Sharp, Innovation
Director, Ordnance Survey Case Study: Ordnance Survey, more..

Don’t forget your Head Torch: Getting inside the disruption of the sports sector
Matt Rogan, Chairman, Two Circlesnovation & Business Transformation Case Study, more…

Panel: Are financial services companies realising the benefits of AI?
Chair Andy Pardoe, Principal Director for AI, Accenture Digital, more… 
Tom Castle, Director of Artificial Intelligence, Natwest / RBS, more…
Aric Whitewood, Founding Partner and Head of Machine Learning, MilmotML, more…
Peet Denny, Chief Technology Officer, Wealth Wizards, more…
Mark Holmes, CEO & Founder, Waymark Tech, more…
Clara Durodié, Chair, Cognitive Finance Group , more…

15:30 Coffee and Solutions Showcase

15:50 AI and human insights

Unlocking intelligence: Using robotics to maximise the potential of disabled workers
Peter O’Neill, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University , more…

AI knows all the answers, but humans don’t like being told they’re wrong. How to build chatbots that manage team performance
Alistair Shepherd, Founder and President, Saberr, more…

17:15 Solutions Showcase, Networking & Drinks reception


Showcase - Touch it and see…

In our Solutions Showcase leading edge vendors and innovators will demonstrate the technologies they have available today, and reveal their roadmaps for future innovation. It’s your opportunity to evaluate solutions, find innovation and formulate buying decisions. Because  AI & Robotics and CXtech covers every aspect – from design to delivery and analysis – you’ll find relevant solutions, irrespective of your industry sector or area of operation

  • design via any channel and at any touch point
  • delivery in service, sales or community building
  • Analysis of AI and its impact on customers, employees and business performance

From trying out the latest AI applications, to meeting the service delivery robots and bots, to testing operational platforms and applications; you’ll have the opportunity to shake hands and kick tyres.

Coming….? Why wouldn’t you?

AI & Robotics Main Event gives senior decision makers one day to accelerate their understanding and access transformative technologies. It’s aimed at everyone that’s making key decisions about their organisation’s transformation to the new age of automation; how it’s designed, how it’s delivered and how its impact is understood. Gain insights from some of the worlds leading experts and practitioners see you how to can start your AI journey or make progress with your current AI strategy and operations.

At a Glance:

  • Date: Friday 12 October 2018
  • Time: 9:00 – 19:00
  • Venue: etc venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London
  • Conference
  • Solutions Showcase
  • Estimated attendance 300+
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Networking Functions
  • Plenary Speakers
  • 2 Streams
  • 40+ Speakers
  • Insightful Case Studies
  • Panel Debates
  • Co-located with CXtech
  • All delegate fees include:
    • refreshments
    • lunch
    • networking and drinks reception
    • access to both events
    • access to presentation slides
    • printed event guides


Clara Durodié

Chair, Cognitive Finance Group, AI technology strategist

Mark Holmes

CEO & Founder, Waymark Tech

Peet Denny

Chief Technology Officer, Wealth Wizards. FinTech, AI, Robo Advice

Aric Whitewood

Founding Partner at WilmotML

Tom Castle

Director, Artificial Intelligence, RBS

Krister Kristiansen

Managing Director, Attensi UK

Manuela Pifani

Founder & MD, CXellence Consulting

Morris Pentel

CEO, and Chairman CX Foundation

Matt Rogan

Chairman, Two Circles

Megan Neale

Founder, LIMITLESS Technology

Ben Scott-Robinson

Co-Founder, The Small Robot Company

Stefano Perego

Head of UK Customer Fulfillment, Amazon

Peter Ryan

Principal at Ryan Strategic Advisory

Bian Salins

Head of Social – Digital, TSB

James Brindley-Raynes

Global Product Manager Staff Digitisation, HSBC

Dr Andy Pardoe

Director for Artificial Intelligence, Accenture & Founder of Informed.AI

Tim Hughes

Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Director, Tata Consultancy Services

Ian Cairns

Customer Director, easyJet

Martin Hill-Wilson

Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement Strategist

Maria Semykoz

Workplace Analytics Architect, Gallup

Peter O’Neill

Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University

Sue Daley

Head of Data Analytics and AI, techUK

Dr Chris Brauer

Director of Innovation, Goldsmiths University, Founder of the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies

Calum Chace

Futurologist, journalist and best selling author

Daniel Hulme

CEO Satalia, Director of Business Analytics MSc at UCL

Anton Fishman

Managing Director, Fishman & Partners Ltd

Alistair Shepherd

Founder & President, Saberr

Chris Ezekiel

Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual

Nicola Strong

Managing Director, Strong Enterprises

Ann-Marie Stagg

Chief Executive of the Call Centre Management Association (UK)

Andy Peart

CMO, Artificial Solutions

Miranda Sharp

Director Innovation, Ordnance Survey

James Rapinac

Director, Gallup

Mark Hillary

Writer, Blogger, Analyst on tech/globalisation/future/cx

Mike Havard

Director, Ember Services

Prof Nigel Crook

Associate Dean: Research and Knowledge Exchange Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment, Oxford Brookes, University


I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I was hugely impressed by the content and presenters and cannot wait to attend another.

by Caroline Troup, Telefónica UK

The best AI event I’ve attended to date. The quality of the speakers outshines other events. The topics were practical, varied and unique. Well done to the organisers.

by Claire Masson, Financial Times | IE Corporate Learning Alliance

Interesting, contextual view of role of AI

by Steven Hedges, DB (Deutsche Bank)

Well organised event with good range of topics to appeal to a broad audience. Great learning opportunity, which can be easily applied to the workplace.

by Stuart Balnaves, UCAS

A good balance of technical and emotional debate. An excellent cost-effective event. Well done!

by Marcel Horst, Procorre

Very useful event covering a broad range of topics!

by Tim Barker, Confirmit

Extremely valuable and insightful.

by Leigh Bridger, HomeServe

AI isn’t tomorrow’s world science, its today’s business reality. Any business that isn’t exploiting AI’s potential is at risk of being left behind.

by Anton Fishman, Conference Chairman and change management consultant


155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD

We’re turning 155 Bishopsgate’s venue into a connected event environment that lets you move seamlessly between our conference and Solutions Showcase; where there’s plenty of room to meet, greet, share experience and talk business.

And, of course, there’s a focus on connectivity.  Superfast wifi and exceptional business services mean you’ll never be out of touch with your world.

155 Bishopsgate, London, is located next to Liverpool St. Station in The City of London.



rated the event ‘excellent’ or ‘good’


found the overall choice of topics ‘excellent’ or ‘good’


applauded the choice of speakers


found that the information provided will add value to their organisation

+43 NPS

(Net Promoter Score)

The best AI event I’ve attended to date. Great range of top speakers and experts in the field. The quality of the speakers outshines other events. The topics were practical, varied and unique. An incredibly practical insight into one of the most compelling and important topics facing business today. The event was really beneficial for me.  Better networking than at any other I’ve attended. First rate. Provided me with an excellent appreciation of how AI is developing, actual and potential applications, and some clear issues to take back.  Very well organised. Very high quality.  Hugely enjoyable and informational.  Provided several concrete new leads and potential business opportunities. Invaluable, it creates a space for dialogue and debate on designing the world of work for tomorrow’s business.