AI and Human Emotions: Preparing Your Culture to Make the Best of AI

Chances are high we are about to witness an exponential rise of AI. Business models will be disrupted and enormous consumer value will be created along the way. To secure a place on the winning side of this transformation, leaders need to disrupt traditional organisational cultures today – otherwise, the old ways of doing things risk blocking the way for AI adoption. Maria will share insights on what an AI-friendly organisational culture should look like, and what leaders can do today to prepare their organisations to win at the dawn of the AI era.

Maria combines expertise in data analytics, workplace productivity and behavioural economics to lead Gallup’s workplace analytics design practice in Europe. She’s actively engaged in helping organisations across all industries harness the power of data and AI technologies to create workplaces that attract, retain, engage and nurture the best talent by adopting datadriven decision making in their people strategy and day-to-day operations